Kayla Stockert

My songs are Eclectic. I’ve noticed that some of my songs are influenced by my favorite artists but I also have my own sound. I do love collaborating with other artists to make beats.

I am so lucky and blessed with so many people in my life who support me. The opportunities I've had are priceless! I wouldn't trade any of them for the world (good or bad). I have truly met some people along the way. I hope that I can just keep doing what I enjoy most (singing & writing) and keep finding people to work with that share my passion.

Life is changing so much for me. I'm finally realizing that the correct path isn't always the one right in front of you, and sometimes you will have to go make your own.

Thank you to you for reading this and anyone else that supports me. Especially thanks to my-family making any of this possible. Music is always going to be there!

Everything you want to know about me is here...Have a Beautiful Day!


So here I am here releasing an organic music video for my original song I just wrote. I’ve realized that my sound is very raw and sets me aside a bit from a lot of music out there today, but that is my art preference. A big reason I am very proud of this video is because it has documented my whole real life story. Real clips from when I just went there. I wrote this song before I even knew I’d get such an amazing opportunity with Starbucks. I never expected to be here in my life but I am. In my eyes, I value everything my journey has taught me and that in itself is fulfilling enough. Very blessed and thankful for EVERYONE that helped with this video and song and journey! Please listen and enjoy. This video is everything I have seen since I was a little girl. I love the constant support I have been receiving and that’s what makes it so rewarding to me in the end. Throw me a like and that would mean the absolute world to me. 

Special Thanks to Brandon Stockert, Leo Sidran & Steve Greenwell

Our 2018 Peppermint Mocha STARBUCKS Spot 

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